ITA (2014 - 2016)

International Technology Alliance in Network & Information Sciences: a coalition project between the UK MoD and the US Army Research Labs.

TaRDiS (2014-2015)

Tackling Radicalisation in Dispersed Societies

PhD Research (2010-2014)

I achieved my PhD from the School of Computer Science & Informatics, Cardiff University.

This research was to do with the dissemination of content and information in online social networks - in particular, Twitter - for the purposes of identifying and ranking the interestingness of information contributed by users.

I was supervised by Dr Stuart Allen and Prof Roger Whitaker.

Peer-reviewed publications

  • Retweeting beyond expectation: Inferring interestingness in Twitter

    William M. Webberley, Stuart M. Allen, Roger M. Whitaker. In Computer Communications. Volume 73. January, 2016.

    Available from Elsevier
  • Tasking the tweeters: Obtaining actionable information from human sensors

    Alun Preece, Will Webberley, Dave Braines. In PIE 9464 - Ground/Air Multisensor Interoperability, Integration, and Networking for Persistent ISR VI. Baltimore, Maryland, US. May 2015. SPIE Defense & Security.

    Available from SPIE
  • Conversational sensemaking

    Alun Preece, Will Webberley, Dave Braines. In SPIE 9499 - Next-Generation Analyst III. Baltimore, Maryland, US. May 2015. SPIE Sensing Technology+ Applications.

    Available from SPIE
  • Inferring the Interesting Tweets in Your Network

    Will Webberley, Stuart M. Allen, Roger M. Whitaker. In Third International Conference on Cloud and Green Computing (CGC). Karlsruhe, Germany. September 2013.

    Available from IEEE
  • Retweeting: A Study of Message-Forwarding in Twitter

    Will Webberley, Stuart Allen, Roger Whitaker. In Workshop on Mobile and Online Social Networks, 2011 (MOSN'11). Milan, Italy. September 2011.

    Available from IEEE

Other papers

  • CENode: Enabling Human-Machine Conversations at the Network Edge

    William Webberley, Alun Preece, Dave Braines. ITA Project 2.4. 2015.

    Available from CENode website