Recent projects


A collection of some home projects.

Gower Tides iOS

I recently began work on an iOS version of my Gower Tides Android app.

The project is currently not in any state to be released, but I hope to have an initial version ready some time in the not-too distant future.

N-Zone Finder

A small (probably slightly redundant) Android app to show nearby (Europe-wide) Nintendo Zones for use with 3DS family devices.

For more information, please see the companion blog post.

Gower Tides

An Android app for displaying tidal and weather data for the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. Differentiates from other similar tide applications since the tidal data can be displayed without a network connection (since this is limited down there).

Also displays the surf data in four Gower locations.


A (very hacky) project aimed to provide simultaneous sound playback across multiple devices on a network using PulseAudio.


A wrapper for the Weka machine-learning toolkit. Provides a Pythonic interface to some of the Weka classification functions.


Like WekaPy, except in Go. Provides a wrapper for a subset of Weka classification functions.


Projects from hackdays, etc.

Patients Please

A project created as part of a team attending the 2016 NHS Hack Day. The project resulted in a game, written in Unity and backed by Python, to help people understand the stress that clinicians face every day in hopstial emergency wards. The project was based on the popular game, Papers, Please.

We won the prize for best patient involvement.

Health Explorer Wales

A purely front-end web app built as part of the 2015 Cardiff NHS Hackathon (see relevant blog post). The app visualises various geographic and multivariate health data to clearly highlight trends across different regions and health boards in Wales.

Wales Crime/Food Mashup

Built as part of a joint computer science and social science hackathon at Cardiff University. The project aimed to map correlations between police crime data and the food hygeine ratings of nearby restaurants.

This project is no longer available to view.